Interior Design
C&C Milano, editor of made in Italy upscale house linens

Editor of house linens, drawing its inspiration from Italy and Mediterranean landscapes, C&C Milano puts the accent on color, style and visual impact.

The story of Milan is linked to the manufacturing and design of house linens. A tradition founded on the love and beauty of raw materials as well as ethical craftsmanship. Following in the steps of his great-grandfather, who was involved in weaving burlap, hemp and linen, Emanuele Castellini, co-founder of C&C Milano, and his cousin Piero Castellini, interior architect, have chosen to make this universe their career.

Typically Italian house linens

With a definite taste for natural fibres, the brand sets forth contemporary luxury, personalized service and the highest Made in Italy quality by conveying a timeless style. With constant renewal in terms of creativity, it puts the accent on plain colors and printed strips to add some warmth to the Mediterraneans atmosphere by creating a strong visuel impact.

C&C Milano collection of guest towels
In the Parisian showroom, quilted sponges and embroidered bathtowels can be monogrammed with the initials of the clients. © DR
C&C Milano plaids and blankets
Plaids and blankets for the house mix their overtones awaiting next winter. © DR

Dressing up elegant interiors

Dedicated to the bed, bath, and table, the ranges of sheets, towels, tablecloths and accessories, designed in precious materials such as cashmere, linen, silk or velvet, come in a large choice of textures, both modern and original, enhancing high-end craftsmanship. For sure there are many tempting decoration ideas to dress up with style an apartment or a yacht…

C&C Milano sheets
Mythological and romantic figures will watch over you when you are asleep. © DR
C&C Milano rolled up beach mattress
On the beach, to each their own mattress to match up with bathing attire. © DR

All the nobility of leading Italian fabrics