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Cinéma 7 Batignolles : Ana Moussinet’s new, extravagant showcase

Cinéma 7 Batignolles : Ana Moussinet’s new, extravagant showcase

Interior architect Ana Moussinet was given carte blanche to revamp the design of Cinema 7 Batignolles and transform it into a one-of-a-kind community space.

Cinéma 7 Batignolles : Ana Moussinet’s new, extravagant showcase


The newly renovated and redecorated cinema is betting on a bright future ahead, despite the rise of streaming technologies. The Cinéma 7 Batignolles is taking part in the urban transformation of an eco-district in north-western Paris. The site has given Ana Moussinet free rein to reinvent the space and offer visitors the chance to do more than just see a single film in this temple dedicated to the seventh art.

Inside the beautiful Cinéma 7 Batignolles in Paris

This unusual approach ushers customers into an innovative space designed to look like a hotel lobby. With its indoor plant wall, this cultural centre gives spectators the impression of stepping foot into a custom community space featuring stunning materials like brass, terrazzo, and grooved concrete that create a perfect balance between colour and material.

Cinéma 7 Batignolles green wall and staircase
From the green wall to the sumptuous staircase, every element of the space is designed to ensure moviegoers enjoy themselves in this cutting-edge cinema. © Benoit Linero
Cinéma 7 Batignolles café
Treat yourself to a latte or vegetarian salad in the café while waiting for your next film. © Benoit Linero

Packed with services and technology

As part of the Grand Paris project, this cinema complex, which features seven screens and 1163 seats, offers 240 weekly showings to all audiences in optimal and unmatched viewing conditions. At the cutting-edge of technology, comfort, and services, it bills itself as a unique community space designed to deliver an incredible, immersive experience and unforgettable shows.

Cinéma 7 Batignolles theatre
This theatre offers HDR Eclair Color laser projection and Dolby Atmos sound to bring you right into the heart of the action. © Benoit Linero

Enjoy the cinema experience of your dreams

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