Interior Design
Circu’s fantastical bedrooms for kids

Circu called on the world’s top designers to create magical bedrooms that reflect the personality of the children who call them home.

Decorating a kid’s room can sometimes be a challenge. To steer clear of the perennial cliché of pink for girls and blue for boys, today’s designers are creating one-of-a-kind spaces that are sure to marvel their young customers. Trendy beds, furniture, and accessories can now reflect children’s personalities in a playful setting.

The magic of a personalised children’s room

Coordinating the various elements in a child’s room so the overall effect is simultaneously functional, inviting, and soothing for each specific age range is an art all by itself. Due to influence from the media, TV series, Hollywood glamour, and superheroes, our little angels have a clear idea of what they want.

Circu Tepee room - Children
This is the tepee room we all wish we could have played cowboys and Indians in. Circu can now build it to order. © DR
Circu Fantasy Air Baloon room and Vibe 1950 room - Children
The ultra-girly style of the Fantasy Air Balloon and Vibe 1950 rooms is soft and warm. © DR

Endless imagination

From the desk and stool to the gaming console, there has to be a place for everything. For budding adventurers, a shed, car, plane, rocket ship, or fairy tale aren’t just passing fancies, but key tools for stimulating the imagination. At Circu, we understand that materials and colours also play an important role in a space where children invent their own worlds. You’ll find the luxurious suggestions in the brand’s brochure to be practically endless.

Circu Sky Rocket room and Little Mermaid room - Children
Your son’s friends will be blown away by the Sky Rocket room, while your daughter’s friends will love the style of the Little Mermaid room. © DR

Bedrooms for little kids who dream big.