Interior Design
Cyril Peret signs the visual identity of Pachamama

Conceptor-decorator at the service of the best festive addresses, Cyril Peret signs the visual identity of Pachamama, a Dinner Club near Bastille, in Paris.

Exit Barrio Latino ! Make room for Pachamama, a place whose name stems from the goddess of nature in South America. To put this mythical venue back on the map, Cyril Peret, who conceived the decor of Bash, a Supper-Club in Miami, coached by Johnny Depp and Sean Penn, then orchestrated the wild nights of Ibiza, is finalizing a historical 19th century building by Gustave Eiffel.

Pachamama, a concept signed Cyril Peret

With his teams, he scouted all the antique markets and tag sales, from Brazil to Mexico, including South America and Bali, to find recycled objects and form a patchwork that makes this restaurant of the third kind look like a neo-vintage colonial homestead. With his « Gypset » spirit of lost paradises, the 3000 m² structure with wrought-iron bannisters is rather bluffing.

Pachamama lounge - Paris
At the Pachamama, each ambiance coexists to enjoy so visitors can enjoy the venue at their own rhythm. © DR
Pachamama decor - Paris
The elements of the decor come from all over the world and have found their place in this giant emporium. © DR

South-Americain decor and savors

Victorian tin plate, used shutters from the favelas of Rio, recycled boards from cattle wagons, all the different trades participated in this challenging artistic project at the heart of Paris. And the « WOW » effect was immediate. Starting at 5pm, hipsters head for the Pachamama to come have a drink, enjoy a dinner with South-American savors and why not dance the night away.

Pachamama bar - Paris
In muted lighting, the bar recalls the legend of a golden age. © DR
Pachamama restaurant - Paris
Several atmospheres are featured in the salons of this new original venue at the Bastille. © DR

Pachamama, the new Parisian Dinner-Club.