Interior Design
The dining room table, a major player in home decor

In a dining room that lives up to its name, the table, where one gathers to share meals, is perceived as the main furniture piece of a good looking interior.

Fortuna Table

A scintillating piece combining aesthetics and a passion for gold, this 8-person table represents the summum of sophistication and attraction for everything that shines, enhanced by its platter in polished brass with personalized engravings. A technical feat mixing carpentry, foundry and jewelry.

Boca do Lobo table Fortuna
While all that glitters is not gold, certain decorative elements take on its aspect. © DR

Heritage Table

Inspired by Portuguese history, thanks to the use of hand-painted azulejos tiles, this 8-person table is characterized by daring lines, with alternated strips in polished brass, a beveled mirror and a platter in tempered glass. A unique product in limited edition.

Boca do Lobo table Héritage
The design of this table featuring original lines is an amusing reminder of the Lisbon craftsmanship tradition. © DR

Royal Table

With its long platter in marquetry, hand-sculpted by artisans with precise gestures, this minimalistic table, mixing the best of both worlds, combines the baroque spirit with great classics. Thus its streamlined shape can dress up the most prestigious Parisian apartments.

Boca do Lobo table Royal
To enhance it, make your dining table the centerpiece of your home sweet home ! © DR

Newton Table

Overlapping gold plate brass spheres that serve as a pedestal, this console features a very shiny varnish on its base, while the top is made with inlaid myrtle thorns. This beautiful deluxe object will be sure to find its place in contemporary ambiances.

Boca do Lobo table Newton
To break codes, invite this table in your dining room… © DR

Metamorphosis v

Incarnating craftsmanship techniques such as sculpture on wood, the hammering of metal and polishing, this work of art is presented with a surface made of inlad oaktree root. It also comprises special textured details imitating a fossile. A majestic table !

Boca do Lobo table Metamorphosis
Give it lots of room, so that it becomes the major attraction of your gregarious space at home. © DR

At the table, around a personalized work of art