The enchanted cabinets of Scarlet Splendour

02 Jul 2019
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Wagering on a deluxe dreamlike, animal and vegetal universe, the amusing cabinets of Scarlet Splendour enchant our daily surroundings.

Les buffets enchantés de Scarlet Splendour
The Strings sideboard of Nika Zupanc is inspired by the strings of a musical instrument or a weaving loom. © DR


To make our daily lives extraordinary, Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia, the founders of Scarlet Splendour, based in Calcutta, India, showcase the aesthetic of their refined furniture pieces. With the complicity of a slew of international designers, who enrich their collections, they integrate a playful and fanciful dimension to cabinets which don't take themselves seriously.

A collection of magical cabinets for Scarlet Splendour

On the edge between classic and modern ambiances, shapes seem to pop out of a fairy tale. They combine the exquisite art of an immaculate design, bringing to mind timeless decadence, but mostly reflect an inspiration drawing from several cultures. The strange mix of humour, luxury and utility of these pieces goes beyond the realm of furniture to became enchanted sculptural objects.

Scarlet Splendour Ciuco cabinet With the Ciuco cabinet, your bar becomes a work of art. © DR
Scarlet Splendour Lulu cabinet Covered in brass and white resin, the Lulu cabinet also hides secret compartments. © DR

Highlighted spaces of life

Matteo Cibic, Nika Zupanc, Artefatto Design Studio, Dario Contessotto and Richard Hutten are the protagonists of this animal and vegetal universe. The Ciuco cabinet with a brass and white resin donkey head can contain a grand bar, while the Lulu model with its golden lips and the tall Oasis with its allures of succulent cactus will illuminate your living spaces.

Scarlet Splendour Oasis cabinet More real than nature with its golden buttons mimicking cactus spikes, the Oasis cabinet will bring colour to your living room. © DR

Open the doors of a fanciful garden…

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