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Farrow & Ball: a colour chart inspired by nature

For the English paint company Farrow & Ball, nature has always provided the inspiration for colour choices across its many seasons and collections.

Farrow & Ball: a colour chart inspired by nature


It’s official! Homes could do with a quick facelift as we head into the fall season. To make sure you’re really changing up your decor, you might as well start with the colour of the walls, which set the tone for the entire room. Farrow & Bell, a storied paint and wallpaper company based out of Dorset, England, has everything you need. The brand has earned its illustrious reputation for its role in helping to beautify prestigious properties on every continent.

Colour goes green

Featuring high-quality ingredients, environmentally friendly formulas, recycled containers, and rich pigments whose intense depth comes to life in natural light, the company’s 132 water-based shades each tell their own story. The artisanal, tried-and-true, and completely in-house method used to produce the paint has been used to beautify modern and traditional homes of all sizes, both inside and out.

Custom advice from experts

To help you pick the right colour while still remaining within the bounds of good taste, an army of experts from an international network made up of over 60 different showrooms is available for in-home consultations. As a result, every project is custom tailored to create a dedicated decorative universe. All that’s left to do is order your colour chart to put together a paint selection that will turn your home sweet home into a one-of-a-kind destination.

Colours to inspire

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