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Fendi Casa, a new upscale furniture and decorating flagship store in Milan

Fendi Casa, a new upscale furniture and decorating flagship store in Milan

Fendi is the first brand of deluxe furniture to open a flagship store in Milan, in the very chic Quadrilatero della Moda.

It's on Via Montenapoleone, that Fendi Casa has treated itself to an iconic emplacement for its landmark boutique in Milan ! Located at the heart of the Palazzo Carcassola-Grandi—a superb example of 16th century Italian architecture— it symbolises, on 400 intimate and warm square meters, a universe showcasing craftsmanship and elegance. These values have been the claim to fame of this Roman house since its creation, in 1987.

Milan, the new design destination of Fendi Casa

Enhanced by frescoes and wood ceilings, the space welcomes collections by the brand of contemporary furniture whose materials reflect the environment while featuring the contrast of leather, bronze, stone and monolithic surfaces in a large palette of colours. The balance is offered by clear and dark overtones, natural hues from the ground to the screen wall background.

Fendi Casa Flagship Store livingroom/libarry - Milan
Each room features a different ambiance, in keeping with a theme and designers. © DR
Fendi Casa Flagship Store black and white living room - Milan
The quality of materials and optimal finishings are provided for each object of the house. © DR

Sophistication, aesthetics and artistic subtilities

Here, clients live an immersive experience like an invitation to explore the most sophisticated rooms, such as the sofa Soho Lite or the Blixen armchair, combined with the Hampton and Metropolitan sofas. It's a minimalist aesthetic assorted to the deco attitude of Artu armchairs by Thierry Lemaire, who also conceived the Star table. As for the P02 divan by Guglielmo Ulrich, it adds a modernist touch with its streamlined and rigorous design, while the Velum lamp, conceived by architect Marco Costanzi, generates nuances of lights bringing to life graphic effets. Artistic subtelties that put into perspective the codes of the Fendi luxury…

Fendi Casa Flagship Store dining room - Milan
A certain art of distinction is showcased in the Fendi dining room. © DR
Fendi Casa Flagship Store chambre - Milan
Under seemingly simplicity, sophistication is quite natural in the organisation of the bedroom. © DR

Fendi Casa, the address of beautiful homesteads, in Milan.