Interior Design
Franck Genser : furniture that plays with aesthetic emotion

In addition to using beautiful materials, the designer Franck Genser also experiments with the aesthetic emotion generated by his furniture, in which simplicity and energy are joined to form a seamless whole.

Franck Genser is fascinated by an object’s soul and its influence over the viewer. This Paris-based designer offers original creations he has imagined and built by hand. In doing so, he challenges the role of furniture in our interiors and the harmony it brings to our lives. This entrepreneur seeks to go beyond the idea of simple utility to affect how each individual feels.

The aesthetic emotion of Franck Genser

In his workshop, Genser houses authentic collections by artists who work with the finest materials using exceptional expertise. The level of quality means each series is limited, which is perfect for special orders. Genser bases his craft on wood-working traditions, but also breaks from it to explore other options, develop new techniques, and invent new methods.

Franck Genser Salamandre chair
The Salamandre chair is shaped like the infinity symbol, making it the perfect chair to curl up on. © DR
Franck Genser Topologique library and Sabot lamp
Combining various modules, the Topologique library and the Sabot lamp make the beautiful materials used in their design even more stunning. © DR

Complete control over every process

Each piece of furniture is created through a unique process after a long planning stage. Genser has expertise in dozens of fields and acts as stylist, manufacturer, and editor. He maintains the integrity of a sketch until its completion and chooses to use an exacting production method based in a keen awareness of heritage. The emotional shock Genser is able to create is breathing new life into design.

Franck Genser Figaro bar
Subtly hidden within a two-tone organic housing, the Figaro bar is meant to be tongue and cheek. © DR

Affecting the unconscious mind through the energy produced by furniture