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Futuristic bathrooms, the Kartell by Laufen initiative

Kartell, the renown house of Italian design, and Laufen, bathroom leader in Switzerland, are taking on a futuristic project.

Futuristic bathrooms, the Kartell by Laufen initiative


Creating is in the DNA of designers, so when the teams of two innovative companies meet up, with as purpose to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to our bathrooms, colored nuances are matched up with functionality. And this glamorous project could only be conceived by the emblematic Italian brand Kartell, along with the high-end Swiss quality of Laufen.

Kartell and Laufen present the futuristic bathroom

Placed under the seal of innovation, this innovative creation required three years of intense development, with as result the strict geometry of ceramic elements that find their counterpoint in the luminosity of plastic accessories. The palette of colors is revisited in order to highlight soft hues such as terracotta, oranges, steel blues and a warm white with yellow overtones.

Kartell by Laufen showroom
In the showroom, embedded sinks and basins prefigure the bathroom of tomorrow. © DR
Kartell by Laufen bathroom models
Mirrors, shelves, storage blocks, the various nuances of orange are barely perceptible to the naked eye. © DR

Playing on emotions

The Kartell by Laufen bathroom quickly becomes a space in its own right inside the house. Emotion prevails over senses thanks to SaphirKeramik, a high-tech scratchproof material, offering performances that enable to mold even more unusual angles or curves when it comes to manufacturing sanitary appliances. No doubt that this partnership is going to create the buzz in the universe of bathroom design…

Kartell by Laufen model bathroom
In this ambiance of model bathroom, each element is modulable and adaptable. © DR

The encounter between design and Swiss quality

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