Giobagnara gives carte blanche to designer Francesco Balzano

Waël Dargouth 11 Jan 2021
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The Italian home brand Giobagnara has given carte blanche to the designer Francesco Balzano to transform raw materials into surprising pieces of furniture.

Giobagnara : carte blanche au designer Francesco Balzano
Made from stone and leather, the various parts of this coffee table fit together like a puzzle. © DR


For artists, sculpting inspiring materials is the very basis of the creative process. In their hands, these materials turn into evocative works of art that combine several different styles and offer a seductive glow that brings the perfect finishing touch to sophisticated interiors. This is certainly the case for Francesco Balzano, a Paris-based designer who is collaborating with the famous Genovese company to create a collection of furniture and leather accessories.

Sharpening your artistic senses

To kick off this latest adventure, Francesco Balzano decided to reinterpret classic designs through his new Ossicle collection. The range also includes personalised works that are being released as part of a limited-edition series to catch the attention of galleries and collectors. Each model offers a fitting tribute to the beauty of the senses and is of course well-liked by industry professionals, starting with elite artists who enjoy pairing history with modern art.

<em>Modifier Article</em> Giobagnara : carte blanche au designer Francesco Balzano
Even though it looks like unfinished concrete, this chair is completely encased in leather. © DR
<em>Modifier Article</em> Giobagnara : carte blanche au designer Francesco Balzano
When placed in the living room, this stool becomes a piece of art in its own right. © DR

Constant research

Featuring a chair, stool, console table, armchair, bench, and a monolithic table made from marble and natural leather, the streamlined designs and everyday functionality of these architectural pieces highlight their refinement and simplicity and come together in a range named after the ancient Greek game of knucklebones. But a word of caution—once you start collecting them, you’ll turn your home sweet home into a living museum!

<em>Modifier Article</em> Giobagnara : carte blanche au designer Francesco Balzano
These two modules, which are designed to fit together, can be used as either a table or an office desk. © DR

Simplicity is the ultimate level of sophistication

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