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Guillaume Bottazzi : Japanese, zen-inspired lamps

Designed to promote a sense of everyday well-being, Guillaume Bottazzi’s lamps are inspired by a zen approach to Japanese-style living.

Guillaume Bottazzi : Japanese, zen-inspired lamps


According to the painter Guillaume Bottazzi, lighting helps improve our well-being. He designed his first lamp collection with this in mind. These sleek, sophisticated products blend in effortlessly with their surroundings while providing lighting that is both poetic and refined. For Bottazzi, his creations reflect our own energy, which in turn transposes his artistic vision of Japan.

Zen, Japanese-built lamps

After living and working in central Japan for the past 15 years, Bottazzi has learned to control his emotions. A study conducted by neuro-scientists has shown that his lights can reduce anxiety while increasing dopamine levels. The artist’s lighting solutions feature transparent fired ink and include just five models in 15 colours.

Guillaume Bottazzi Evanescence Absis wall light
These wall lights look like part of the decor. © DR
Guillaume Bottazzi Evanescence Absis recessed wall light
In the common areas of this office, these recessed wall lights provide a softer lighting experience. © DR

Opalescent lighting

Available in a range of 70 styles, all featuring an opalescent surface, these lights are already being installed in prestigious private and public buildings, including in Europe, South-East Asia, and the United States. The collection, which includes hanging, recessed, ceiling, and wall lights, offers soft lighting that’s perfect for modern interiors that cultivate a zen attitude.

Guillaume Bottazzi Evanescence Absis hanging light
In the white living room of this mansion, Guillaume Bottazzi’s discreet hanging Evanescence Celius light is the perfect finishing touch. © DR

Lighting, made zen

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