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Helen Green, liveable interior design from London

The most appealing aspect of the collections at Helen Green Design Studio is that they’re liveable – far from the highbrow conceptual designs out there today.

Helen Green, liveable interior design from London


From Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Chelsea, Kensington, and Mayfair, to Greenwich, Knightsbridge, Covent Garden and Kings Cross, every upmarket part of London town has houses kitted out with Helen Green designs. Everyday pieces are designed in-house by a team of 20 experts, resulting in unique products that truly stand out from the standard showroom fare.

Helen Green is your go-to for liveable interior design

For chic interiors that work equally well in Victorian and contemporary homes, the key is to contrast tones and textures for an easy-living feel. Helen Green designs are family-oriented, even the limited-edition furniture capsule collections.

Helen Green entrance
Welcoming but authentic pieces await as soon as you walk through the door. © DR
Helen Green foyer
The foyer is neither ostentatious nor over-the-top, but a welcoming room for everyday use. © DR

Exceptional design made simple

Be it fabric, wallpaper, a table, sofa, chair, armchair, wardrobe, side table or bookshelf, custom designs are de rigueur. This British design studio creates ranges of beautiful pieces to suit clients who have already seen it all, but have a penchant for simplicity. This is why the Helen Green reputation extends beyond Britain’s borders.

Helen Green dining room
Every last detail in this dining room is to create a sense of homeliness and conviviality. © DR
Helen Green room
The theatrical touch to this bedroom doesn’t compromise on comfort and cosiness. © DR

Luxury design with that extra British touch.

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