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Histoire d'Eau, elegant decorations to enhance indoor or outdoor walls

Histoire d'Eau,  elegant decorations to enhance  indoor or outdoor walls

Composed of liquids, bubbles, stones or covered with vegetals, the walls of Histoire d'Eau are dressed up with elegance and distinction.

Embellish a wall, personalise it, make it interactive so that is becomes an eye-catcher is a must to convey style to the lobby of a company, the office of an executive director, a restaurant or a high-end personal residence. French manufacturer of water walls, vegetal panels and mobile separations with bubbles, Histoire d'Eau has made it the core of its trade.

Walls dressed up with elegance by Histoire d'Eau

Inside or outside, possibilities are endless when it comes to the imagination of its designers or the requirements of clients, and each implementation functions in closed circuit independently.  These stunning ensembles can reach up to 7 meters high with a LED lighting.

History of Water Bubble Wall
Surfing on lights with variations of colors and space, this wall of bubbles provides a new life to this living room. © DR
History of water wall vegetal
In Paris, the vegetal wall of the Terrass' Hôtel seems totally more real than real. © DR

Spaces with inspired decorations

So just choose amongst a wide range of options to tame water in a setting of light conceived for a living room, a bedroom or a Spa. And in order for your project to become reality, Histoire d'Eau imagines ambiances with incredible realism, by playing on materials, textures and atmospheres, by adapting to many different spaces. All exceptional venues !

History of Water Pool wall
With an anti-UV treatment, the vegetal walls, conceived by a decorator, offer long-lasting style around a pool. © DR

Histoire d'Eau, outstanding customized walls.