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In homage to painter Yves Klein, Ressource turns painting into an art

In homage to painter Yves Klein, Ressource turns painting into an art

To celebrate its 20 years, the Ressource painting label pays homage to the Klein Blue, a luminous hue dedicated to the adventurers of colour.

In homage to painter Yves Klein, Ressource turns painting into an art


Giving your name to a new colour, only Yves Klein was able to do it during his artistic career. An active member of the pictorial avant-garde, this painter, orginally from Nice during the middle of the 20th century, officially created the IKB, International Klein Blue, a hue obtained from a synthetic paint used for many of his works. And today, this intense color invites itself in the house.

Homage to the Klein Blue

For the 20 years of Mai­son Res­source, a pioneer French brand in the elaboration of high-end paints, this anniversary is an occasion to mark the event. A Pro­ven­çal anchoring, common with the artist, the craftsmanship spirit, technical know-how, the research regarding this material and its visual rendition reveal com­mon denominators that made this partnership obvious.

Ressource Klein Blue bedroom
Once applied on the walls, it will be up to you to find the accessories necessary to coordinate this unique color. © DR
Ressource bouquets de fleurs fond bleu Klein
A decor in itself, this very special color will allow you to see life in blue. © DR

Depth and luminosity on the walls

This unique and sym­bo­lic col­la­bo­ra­tion also affirms its support to the universe of Art and Crea­tion. Available in Deep Matte or in Velvety Matte, this Ultramarine pigment, that respects all the European environmental norms, promises to convey depth and a vibrant luminosity to the walls of bedrooms, offices and reception rooms. Heads up for all the color aventurers!

Ressource office in Klein Blue
And why not paint your office in an ultramarine colour? It's just a question of taste… © DR

All the blue overtones in the home…

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