House, showroom, workshop, the beechwood parquets of Itlas are top of the line

29 Jul 2019
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Changing the ambiance to enhance a house, workshop or showroom, by covering the floor with a beechwood parquet, such is the wager of Itlas.

Maison, showroom, atelier, le parquet de hêtre Itlas change la donne
A chameleon material, parquet is multi-functional, such as covering floors or designed as a screen. © DR


More practical than wall-to-wall carpeting, warmer than tiling and more elegant than PVC slabs, parquet is the flooring material of the future. Something Itlas uderstands well. The Italian company has installed itself near the ancestral forest of Cansiglio, located between 700 and 1000 meters of altitude, and whose exploitation of beechwood is very regulated since centuries.

A parquet floor changes the ambiance of a house

An exceptional natural material they are the only ones to be apple to manage, under the appellation Assi Del Cansiglio. Aesthetical, its highly resistant properties enhance kitchens as well as living rooms, spas or garages. Comprising large blades, its light hue modernizes each room it decorates, and withstands the test of time, even in the most busy spaces.

Itlas parquet in a kitchen In the prolongation of the living room, the kitchen is covered by the same nuance of parquet flooring. © DR
Itlas parquet in a garage The parquet floor of this upscale garage sheltering deluxe cars meets very strict quality norms. © DR

A sustainable flooring

From London to Miami, including Milan and Florence, hotels, restaurants, auditoriums and lobbies use this element, which also has a decorative function, to dress up their surfaces—floor to ceiling. Especially since this wood pavement is assembled, glued and varnished in keeping with sustainable methods. A great way to combine utility with pleasure, while preserving nature.

Itlas parquet in a lounge This lounge with a fabulous panorama features several varieties of parquet, to vary the pleasures… © DR

Living with the star of floor coverings.

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