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The interior journeys of Nataly Bolshakova

The interior journeys of Nataly Bolshakova

Specialized in private residences, the Ukranian studio Bolshakova Interiors dives in the universe of its clients to immerse in their identity.

The interior journeys of Nataly Bolshakova


Bolshakova Interiors, is first and foremost Nataly Bolshakova! Initially a web programmer, she spends her leisure time learning the techniques of drawing, painting, interior design and history of art before obtaining the « International Design Awards », attributed by the Society of British & International Design, then winning the European Property Awards.

On the road with Nataly Bolshakova

Comprising experimented project managers, her studio offers a real expertise in the fields of conception, implementation and project realization. Since 2008, it offers refined and unique aesthetics by working materials such as wood, stone and metals, while delving in personal souvenirs or private collections.

Bolshakova Interiors showroom
Eclectic, this showroom unveils unique decorating elements for each room of the house. © DR© DR
Bolshakova Interiors bedroom
The atmosphere of this bedroom has nothing to envy from a Hollywood cinema decor. © DR

Oscarized residences

From the United Kingdom to France, including Austria and the Middle-East, the designer imagines residences with an ultra contemporary and timeless style, with of a touch of Impressionism, Modernism and Art Nouveau. Under her clever pencils, they bring to mind an interior journey, an adventure born from a desire that takes place in a unique space. Great luxury in its purest state…

Bolshekova Interiors House over the Sea
Between the panorama of the maritime infinity and the modern fireplace, this living room offers a guaranteed escapade. © DR

Escaping inside a unique decor

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