Interior Design
Italian decorative doors, the quintessence of design

Conceived as a home element of decoration in its own right, the Italian door is the quintessence of style and design.

Ensuring the passage between two rooms, the entrance of an apartment, a house, a monument or town, this element of carpentry, in wood or in metal, has always conveyed a certain art of living since Antique Rome and its opulent palaces. During the French Revolution, this decorative element, creating an opening in a wall, was even the object of a specific tax.

A made in design Italian door

A massive and robust frame enabling to walk in or out a location, closed, ajar, open, equipped with a bell, a gong of a peephole, the door has found its letters of nobility in Italy. In this land where design is at its apex, manufacturers, interior architects and designers have created many prestigious models inspired by a glorious past reinvented with elegance.

Italian door IDF Design
Inlaid with stuccos, gilding and decorative panels, these doors ornament the most handsome Italian interiors. © DR
Palace Italian doors
Yes, you can certainly enjoy an elegant tea time watching the spectacle of doors such as these… © DR

Extreme customisation

Traditional manufacturing, customized dimensions, aesthetic personalisation, participation in thermal insulation, nobility of the materials used, purity of the lines, fixed, armored, sliding, pivotal, decorated or discreet, the collections of made in Italy doors offer a wide array of possiblities.

Italian door Tuscany
In certain imposing noble homes, doors are real patrimonial treasures. © DR