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Jaime Hayon, the designer who’s shaking up Spanish style

Jaime Hayon, the designer who’s shaking up Spanish style

Nicknamed « the Conquistador of design », Jaime Hayon gives his artistic vision perspective through a creative approach that incessantly stretches the limits.

Jaime Hayon, the designer who’s shaking up Spanish style


As one of the most acclaimed designers of his generation, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon devotes his time between London and Barcelona. Baroque-style furniture and designs converge in a surrealist Dali world, showcasing the influences behind creations that amalgamate art, interior design and an artisanal touch. The result is a flair for designs proffered by Camper and Baccarat boutiques alike.

Jaime Hayon, conquering Spanish design

Signature pieces find their way in the form of dressing tables, moccasins, candlesticks, lamps, watches, tables, mirrors, armchairs and sofas. His repertoire of household items is interspersed with permanent collections in several European museums. Throughout his impressive career, it comes as no surprise that this design idol has won several prizes coveted by his contemporaries.

Jaime Hayon collection de vases
From gadgets to unique luxury items, the designer’s vase collections are highly sought-after. © DR
Jaime Hayon meubles
Jaime Hayon’s work sometimes, disconcertingly so, takes on a more traditional aesthetic to adapt to more classic interiors. © DR

Works of art distributed to the four corners of the world

If you’d like to admire his work on your next business trip, just go to the flagship Nirav Modi store in New Delhi, Ocitum jewellers in Kuwait City, the Faberge Salon in Geneva or the Torre Madrid hotel lobby in the heart of the Iberian capital. Otherwise, you could always just take stock of his work at Le Sergent Recruteur restaurant in Paris. Witness a true feast for the senses...

Jaime Hayon lobby de l'hôtel Torre Madrid
A dapper teddy bear welcomes guests at the luxurious Barceló Torre Madrid Hotel. © DR

Jaime Hayon, the Iberian design daemon

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