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Jellyfish, the arty glass table center-pieces of Daniela Forti

Jellyfish, the arty glass table center-pieces of  Daniela Forti

Specialized in the art of glass tables, Tuscan native Daniela Forti explores imaginary universes with her Jellyfish collection.

Daniela Forti studied architecture and interior design before opening her own workshop to collaborate with master glassmakers on the interaction between light and glass. Each hand-made piece uses the technique of « vitro-fusion » by melting the glass in order to create original and fantasy-filled works with this material featuring bright colors and malleable shapes.

Tables in arty glass by Daniel Forti

Having participated in thematic exhibitions, her artistic itinerary is based on the desire to awaken senses with dynamic and transparent artworks where warm fluid shapes seek out the marvelous while playing with fire. An innovative method that is a real achievement !

Daniela Forti Impérial - Jellyfish
Conveying a sense of mystery, the Imperial model could very certainly partake in a science-fiction film. © DR
Daniela Forti Hero - Jellyfish
Transparent and amusing, Hero plays with all the colors of the rainbow. © DR

Evanescent luminous sculptures 

Thus, the artist approaches the concept of illumination on lighting to create true luminous sculptures. Through her skilled hands, the glass captures light, transforms it, pinpoints it and then scatters it by making it float in a concert of evanescent colours. Her inspired and renewed creativity gives birth to timeless objects —to be placed at the center of the most beautiful tables…

Daniela Forti Méduse - Jellyfish
The rigidity of worked glass enables the Medusa table center-piece to seem as though it were floating in the air. © DR

Fragments of glass and optical illusion.