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Koziel Studio, mural illusion and trompe-l'œil decoration

Koziel Studio, mural illusion and trompe-l'œil decoration

As expert of visual imposture, designer Christophe Koziel updates the art of trompe-l'œil with his ultra-realistic wallpaper creations.

Koziel Studio, mural illusion and trompe-l'œil decoration

This Summer, the art of trompe-l'œil is making a big comeback to invade our walls ! The purpose of this pictorial style is to play with the confusion of visual perception, in front of a work of art or a painted surface, conveying increased reality by overlapping an imbedded design. It offers playful perspectives to our sweet homes whose decoration can finally come out of its frame and create an amusing illusion.

Koziel Studio, the trompe-l'œil trend

Everything begins with a photographed motif until you obtain a perfect snapshopt. Then the model is worked on, centimeter by centimeter and shadow by shadow, to obtain a harmonious repetition on the rolls and provide a hyper realistic vision. A good way to play with the appearence of shapes or a famous landscape, giving the impression of moving, while staying still.

Koziel cactus
Here, the exotic ambiance takes the shape of a shelf featuring many different cactus species. © DR
Koziel Paris
Do you feel like living in front of a Paris monument or a brick wall ? The Koziel Studio catalog will allow you to be totally daring. © DR

Customized decoration, with the sky as only limit

It is in this spirit that the new collection of Koziel Studio wallpapers was conceived. With a keen sense of detail, it was totally designed in nonwoven material. It was created from original elements such as a block of marble, Victorian plaques in white iron dating back to the 19th century, workshop skylights, a garnished shelf or bookshelves—all with stunning results.

Koziel Style
More soothing, period wood-paneling trompe-l'œil adapts well to neo-classic interiors. © DR

Koziel Studio, the decorating accomplice

A collection available on and

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