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At La Clef Champs-Elysées, Jean-Philippe Nuel reinterprets French-style elegance

At La Clef Champs-Elysées, Jean-Philippe Nuel reinterprets French-style elegance

More than signing a new 5 star hotel, in Paris, designer Jean-Philippe Nuel is turning La Clef Champs-Elysées into a window-display of French-style elegance.

Based on a patrimony comprising a 5 story Haussmann building, designer Jean-Philippe Nuel has delivered, after 2 years of total transformation, the third high-end residence of The Crest Collection, property of the Singaporian hotel group Ascott, whose ambition is to make it the miror of French-style refinement and the centre of gravity inside the Golden Triangle.

Jean-Philippe Nuel signs French-style elegance

Not only does this residence offer a decorative facade, but it's also an emblematic landmark where clients can live out their stay by combining modernity and art of living. Quite different from the codes of the international hostel business, art, gastronomy and Haute Couture will be part of the venue in order to convey an extra touch of glamour to a place by offering amenities reaching out way beyond hospitality.

La Clé Champs-Elysées entrance
In the entrance, the Salon des Fragrances features unique olfactive experiences. © Gilles Trillard
La Clé Champs-Elysées main staircase
Discreet, the hanging light fixtures of the main staircase highlight the majesty of the colonades. © Gilles Trillard

A gift to enhance Paris

In a setting inspired by the jewellery universe, the "Fragrance Bar" is an invitation to compose your own perfumes, to be taken home as a souvenir. The establishment comprises 70 rooms, suites and apartments subtly mixing fireplaces, mouldings and period booksheleves in a modern-day ambiance. A renaissance created like a gift to embellish Paris…

La Clé des Champs-Elysées suite
In the state-of-the-art suites, the decoration blends in with the original architecture of the building. © Giles Trillard

When heritage is combined with creativity…