Interior Design
Lago, the modular kitchen makers

Lago, the Italian kitchen experts, continue to innovate with modular island units that breathe life into this living space.

Say bye to impractical kitchen cupboards that are outdated before you know it. Now there are endless possibilities for those who want to change it up and enjoy their home lifestyle. In 2019, Italian brand Lago brings you new experiences with a whole host of design tips.

Modular kitchens

In island or peninsula layout, the finishes and colours are complimentary with one another, and free-standing units such as suspended tables, invisible modular pantries and chairs, can be adapted or personalised. More modern than ever, the latest collections in wood and brushed stainless steel harness high-tech tools which lend themselves to hospitality.

Lago monolithic kitchen white
For kitchen bliss, everything needs to be in its place and the design must make a strong impact. © DR
Lago monolithic kitchen lacquered glass
This airy kitchen with the appearance of lacquered glass can be transformed into whatever you want. © DR

A monolithic design with sliding panels

A heat-treated oak monolith in a square or rectangular shape hosts storage units with sliding openings, meaning that various assemblies can be arranged. They can also be finished in any rainbow colour and feature a XGlass or lacquered glass-style coating. Plenty to win you over with welcoming and unique kitchens that combine sturdiness and timeless original design.

Lago monolithic kitchen wood
You only need to ask if you want your table to coordinate with the kitchen. © DR

Your personalised kitchen comes to life in colour