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Lightings, the creative lamps of Emilie Lemardeley

Throughout her inspired collections, the spectacular lamps of Emilie Lemardeley allow each space to become unique and exceptional.

Lightings, the creative lamps of Emilie Lemardeley


It is not always easy to create the right lighting for each room of the house. A challenge for Emilie Lemardeley, a designer with an atypical background. Having started off at Christie's « 20th century furniture» department, she worked for well-known decorators before launching her own Parisian creative studio, dedicated to spectacular lighting fixtures and exclusive objects.

The inspirations of Emilie Lemardeley

Made-to-measure for private clients, galleries and deluxe brands, these objects, filled with elegance and refinement, call upon ironwork craftsmen, cabinet makers, glass blowers and carefully selected artisans in order to ensure a wager of quality. These luminous mobiles are real treasures, whose radiance is enhanced by the gesture of the hands that conceived them.

Emilie Lemardeley Eole Bis lamp
As though it were hanging in the middle of nowhere, the Eole Bis lamp is an open door to imagination and dreams. © DR
Emilie Lemardeley Dyonisos lamp
Like chameleons, the coloured bulbs of Dionysos can be implanted in a living room as well as a museum. © DR

Traveling lamps

From the Greek myths of Adamas, Dionysos and Demeter, to Emir Kusturika's strange Carpe d’Or floating in the air, these hanging fixtures with colorful bulbs run the gamut from basic functionality to symbols. Inspired by Etruscan jewelry, Greek mythologies as well as Flemish painting, they transport us in a dreamlike and fanciful universe, with a touch of magic.

Emilie Lemardeley Adamas lamp
In blown glass brass, the Adamas lamp adds a touch of authenticity in this exhibition room. © DR

The harmony of luminous indoor jewelry

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