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Ligne Roset cuts the ribbon on its apartment in Lyon

Ligne Roset cuts the ribbon on its apartment in Lyon

A new Ligne Roset boutique, designed to resemble an apartment to showcase its new designer collections, has opened its doors in central Lyon.

Ligne Roset cuts the ribbon on its apartment in Lyon

In Lyon, it is the new hotspot for aficionados of avant-garde furniture! Ligne Roset’s apartment is an experimental retail space that lets customers get up close and personal with prestigious pieces from the industry’s leading designers. In this cosy setting, guests can even get help from decorators as they make their selections.

L’Appartement, by Ligne Roset

Located on one of the most elegant streets in downtown Lyon, the boutique is laid out like a six-room apartment, complete with living rooms, dining room, office, bedroom, and conservatory. The space has been decorated by Marie-Christine Dorner and features specific materials, textures, colours, lighting, and ambiances that offer both a beautiful aesthetic and the comfort of advanced automated home technology.

L'appartement by Ligne Roset office
This library and office is packed with space-saving solutions, neat tricks, and warm tones. © Jean-Baptiste Dorner
L'appartement by Ligne Roset dining room
Sharing meals together is even better when the dining room is this beautiful. © Jean-Baptiste Dorner

A boutique packed with decorating ideas

This innovative, private, inspired, chic, and quirky space feels like stepping into a home. With its selection of limited luxury products paired with a few vintage items and pieces of furniture, it also appeals to high-end architects and decorators. Of course, the expertise of local artisans is featured front and centre. If you’re a homeowner in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, make sure to stop in soon.

L'appartement by Ligne Roset bedroom
The successful layout of this bedroom was achieved by optimising the available space. © Jean-Baptiste Dorner

Design is given free rein in this one-of-a-kind boutique