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Living Coral, the work space universe of Cider Edition

Living Coral, the work space universe of Cider Edition

Cider Edition has launched Coral Living, the collection of office furniture that is making the work space universe vibrate with a new energy.

Living Coral, the work space universe of Cider Edition


To renew the style of sometimes dull and lackluster furniture, Cider Edition works like a real hotbed for designers with a strong potential, which it strives to set forth. Using the official Pantone of the year, its creative designers have developed Living Coral, a furniture range that finally meets the new needs of work spaces.

Living Coral, the new collection of Cider Edition

Sophisticated and pronounced, the warm, playful and reassuring overtones of Living Coral offer an added value that goes beyond a positioning based on aesthetics. It claims the importance of each object with fluid lines, conceived to provide a solution to acoustic protection and the customization of shared spaces, in an environnement that is in constant movement.

Cider Edition waiting room
This waiting room borrows both from hotel codes as well as those of a work cabinet. © DR
Cider Edition
Between 2 appointments, taking a break in this low-key atmosphere is a good way of recharging one's batteries. © DR

Combining personality and functionality

At the heart of Paris, a 600 m² showroom highlights their creations. It is aimed at companies seeking collections, aimed at the tertiary sector, to conjugate singularity and functionalism in order to break up the monotony of an impersonal open-space by conveying a certain cachet and convictions. Think of it, the new Fall season is always conducive to great decisions…

Cider Edition office
With such a desk, the productivity of a company becomes exponential. © DR

The new intimate life of open spaces

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