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Living in Style, the book collection for decoration around the world

Living in Style, the book collection for decoration around the world

The Living in Style book collection ventures out to discover the interior decoration of dream apartments in New York, London, Amsterdam, Munich and Paris.

Living in Style, the book collection for decoration around the world

Living in Style New York and Amsterdam

Few cities offer the same energy level as New York. Leader in the world of art and design, this buzzing metropolis unveils here high-end rooms and spaces never open before to the public at large. As for Amsterdam, the non-conformist, it will seduce decorative architecture buffs with interiors chosen in oustanding private mansions along the famous canal district.

Living in Style New York and Amsterdam
Fascinating and inspired, these cities, so far yet so close, harbor stunning decors. © Dana Meilijson and Studio de Nooyer

Living in Style City and Country

In the most enchanting cities around the world, urban houses often showcase local culture, whether it's an interior in Sao Paulo, a Roman palace or an American homestead. In the country, silence and comfort are the priorities of villas, Provencal mas and cozy chalets influenced by their environment, privileging natural construction materials.

Living in Style City and Country
A luxurious reception room or a warm sustainable chalet, just choose in keeping with the season ! © Andreas von Einsiedel and Reto Guntli

Living in Style London and Paris

The first book of this collection allows us to discover the London habitat. From skyscrapers such as The Shard to Victorian or Gregorian buildings, it offers a multi-faceted picture of interiors implemented in former industrial sites as well as traditional houses featuring elegant bow-windows. The second one is an occasion to visit Art Deco apartments and dreamlike abodes in the chic districts of the French capital.

Living in Style London and Paris
Each one of these books is filled with ideas to embellish your home sweet home. © Andreas von Einsiedel and J-F Jaussaud

Living in Style Munich and Morocco

In the Bavarian capital, what comes to mind is the Oktoberfest and the royal avenues of Munich with lively houses, modeled by creative concepts. As for North Africa, this book captures the quintessence of Morocco, favorite destination of hippies during the 60s, with its refreshing riads, its lush gardens and richly ornamented decors.

Living in Style Munich and Morocco
From chic German interiors to Moroccan palaces, the journey begins on the very first page. © Julia Leeb et Andreas Einsiedel

Far-flung decors, style travels around the world.

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