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LZF, Life-Sized Lamps from a Fantasy World

LZF, Life-Sized Lamps from a Fantasy World

At the crossroads of art and design, the Size Life lamp collection from LZF nurtures the artistic imagination of a fantasy world.

LZF, Life-Sized Lamps from a Fantasy World


Specialised in lighting with treated wood veneers, the Spanish company LZF is surfing on the wave of the success of its Size Life collection, with life-sized lamps. As if created for an animated film, these sculptural pieces are audacious, artisanal and surrealist. Their forms in three dimensions evoke a world of fantasy, linked to dreams and filled with treasures.

Fantastical Lighting, the LZF Label

The founders of LZF, Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill, wished to collaborate with the finest designers from the beginning of this adventure : their principal aim was to innovate in how to diffuse light by integrating different natural materials. That is the story of how the Dandelion, Elephant, Fish and Koi models were born, from the creative hands in the Studio Inocuo The Sign.

LZF Lamps Elephant model
Surrounded by rabbits, the Elephant lamp has been imagined as the Queen of a menagerie. © Rocio Pastor
LZF Lamps Fish model
Childish and futuristic at the same time, the Fish model is straight from a dream. © Rocio Pastor

Lamps Full of Mystery

To show them to the world, a series of photos has been taken to insert these large-format products in the mysterious atmosphere of an old palace, the lobby of a skyscraper and a ruined residence. This imaginary universe lends the lamps its magic…

LZF Lamps Koi model
Floating above a festive culinary scene, the suspended Koi represents a translucent carp. © DR

Casting light on the marvellous world of dreams

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