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Maison Taillardat : refined craftsmanship for luxury hotels

With a client list that includes luxury hotels and the Presidential Palace, Taillardat offers craftsmanship that is nothing short of excellent.

Maison Taillardat : refined craftsmanship for luxury hotels


Recreating an authentic look featuring prestigious furniture, a central tenet in the decor of luxury estates, requires a rigorous approach and the use of authentic designs. Such is the credo of Taillardat, which uses materials, expertise, and finishes inspired by the 18th-century—the « Age of Enlightenment »—to create rare and unique furniture.

Craftspeople and luxury hotels geared towards excellence

The company’s lofty reputation is well established. Taillardat offers expertly crafted and ornate decor ; precise construction methods ; aesthetically rich, hand-drawn sketches ; aged wood ; a variety of dyes and patinas ; sponge-applied varnishes ; gold leaf ; bronze work ; leatherwork ; and an expertise in tapestry that have won over the George V Four Seasons, Bristol, and Shangri-La Hotels.

Maison Taillardat patina and gilt
In the company’s workshops, artisans must first complete a long apprenticeship before applying a patina or gold leaf. © DR
Maison Taillardat reupholstering
Reupholstering a 18th century chair is a delicate operation that requires both talent and concentration. © DR

Exceptional furniture for exceptional homes

The company opened its first location in 1904 in Orléanais, a region long famous for its artisanal traditions. The company exports 65 % of its production abroad and positions itself as an expert and inheritor of top-notch techniques. Over time, Taillardat has become a genuine institution, and its pieces can be found at the Elysée Palace, Matignon, and Parisian embassies. You won’t be disappointed !

Maison Taillardat gilded leather
Before this decorative element is applied to leather, a customised design is drawn by hand by a specialist. © DR
Maison Taillardat hotel's salon
The final, flawless result lets you fully appreciate the artist’s incredible talent. © DR

Authenticity : the new Parisian chic

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