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Maison Valentina, bathroom furniture made into works of art

And since premium luxury is also part of the picture, the bathroom furniture of Maison Valentina is conceived like works of art in their own right.

Maison Valentina, bathroom furniture made into works of art


Making a dream bathroom into a reality, such is the challenge of Maison Valentina ! In order to transform spaces dedicated to our corporal well-being into exclusive venues, its interior decorators and architects have dedicated part of their time to projects that are both unusual and luxurious. From the conception to the quality of materials, their goal is to evolve in order to increase artistic impact.

A bathroom becomes a work of art at Maison Valentina

Traveling from palaces to penthouses, the Happy Few of our era no longer settle for a plain bathroom, shower or washbasin, ready to be installed in their Home Sweet Home. Over time, customized furniture has taken over. Now, the challenge is to transform the rooms that play an important role in our daily life and make them into spectacular boudoirs.

Maison Valentina crochet hook
Covered with golden metallic lace, the Crochet chest of drawers is adapted to neo-classic interiors. © DR
Maison Valentina Symphony model
Brilliant, the Symphony ensemble plays with contrasts on a raw concrete background. © DR

Audacity, creativity and noble materials

Bathtubs in antique brushed brass, black lacquer washbasins, gold plate, armchairs in leather or velvet cottons, wood mirrors patinated with silver leaf, the possibilities are infinite when it comes to conceiving comfortable surroundings for a restful and relaxed ambiance…

Maison Valentina Koi and Diamond model
You dreamt of it ? Maison Valentina has produced the Koi and Diamond models. And even more ! © DR

The bathroom, the new place to be.

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