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The Mirror Houses, holiday rentals in the Italian Tyrol

The Mirror Houses, holiday rentals in the Italian Tyrol

In the northern part of Italy, The Mirror Houses are dreamt up as exclusive hotels, with holiday houses for rent.

The Mirror Houses, holiday rentals in the Italian Tyrol

Amongst the deluxe dwellings, spreading around the planet, there is the best and the worst. Exclusive, select and highly coveted, if only by their reduced number, The Mirror Houses are two glass houses, on which are reflected breathtaking landscapes from the region of the Alto Adige and the Dolomites, near Bolzano, county town of the Italian south-Tyrol.

On holiday in the Italian Mirror Houses

Dedicated to all those seeking different contemporary holidays, they were conceived by the architecture studio of Peter Pichler, who imagined a structure essentially planned for rental venues. These modules were created to shelter autonomous apartments, with a terrace and private garden. Structures seem to float above the ground, corresponding to environmental norms.

The Mirror Houses
Seen from its profile, the seashell-shaped structure opens up on nature and the hotel orchard. © DR
The Mirror Houses rear view
Each house features a private terrace, sheltered from onlookers. © DR

Reservations on the waiting list

Designed to welcome from 2 to 4 persons, each unit comprises a room, a living room with a convertible sofa, a kitchen and a bathroom with large dormer windows that open onto the park of the domain. When you include the made-to-measure furniture, plus refined Italian cuisine, you will understand why reservations for Mirror Houses are waitlisted…

The Mirror Houses interior view
Here, there is a perfect mix between the comfort of a leading hotel and the functionalities of a guest house. © DR

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