Interior Design
In New Delhi, Gunjan Gupta is redefining interior design

Gunjan Gupta, who has earned several diplomas and a prestigious British award, is redefining the world of interior design from her home in New Delhi.

In her part of the world, the definition of design is based on a different set of wants, needs, and perspectives. This describes the experience of Gunjan Gupta, an Indian woman who founded Studio Wrap Art & Design in New Delhi after earning a master’s degree in furniture design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and winning the prestigious British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Award.

The world of design redefined by Gunjan Gupta

She now delivers high-quality craftsmanship while working to promote Indian products. Her ultimate goal is for Indian products to gain a reputation for luxury on the international stage. Gunjan Gupta draws on her traditional savoir-faire to approach her work from a different perspective. For example, she starts a project with the understanding that the structure of a chair is not just a simple piece of furniture, but the remnants of a colonial past.

Gunjan Gupta Bartan Walla Bicycle Throne and Bori Throne
Hammered golden platters, bundles of goods, and bicycle seats make up the Bartan Walla Bicycle Throne and Bori Throne. © DR
Gunjan Gupta Gadda and Polti Chairs
The creative Gadda and Polti chairs look nothing like Western designer furniture. © DR

All the treasures of India

Gunjan describes her style as a tongue-in-cheek blend of ancestral shapes and rituals. Her iconic, handmade pieces are modern constructions made from natural materials like wood, stone, terracotta, and more valuable elements such as silverleaf and goldleaf, resulting in a contrasting blend of India’s basic and precious materials.

Gunjan Gupta Muda Walla Bicycle Throne
The Muda Walla Bicycle Throne, which functions as a piece of art all on its own, is made from wicker baskets. © DR

A new and arty take on luxury