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Objects of Desire : Nabil Issa’s first furniture collection

With the American-Lebanese designer’s first furniture collection, Objects of Desire, Nabil Issa has breathed new life into his style.

Objects of Desire : Nabil Issa’s first furniture collection


A multilingual American designer with Lebanese roots, Nabil Issa looks for sources of inspiration during his travels. After working in the film, music, and advertising industries for the world’s top luxury brands, including Chanel and Boucheron, he is finally using his passion for architecture and beautiful home decor to design his first furniture collection.

Nabil Issa’s Objects of Desire

Throughout this elegant and sophisticated collection, this exacting artist, who has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, London, and Dubai, has paid careful attention to every last detail. He showcases simple shapes, sleek lines, harmonious styles, balanced proportions, and beautiful materials such as golden brass, brushed aluminium, and lacquered wood.

Nabil Issa Ski chair
The ergonomic and modular Ski chair will blend in seamlessly with any modern decor. © DR
Nabil Issa lamp
Resembling an object from the far-flung reaches of space, this lamp illuminates the room with a subtle beam of light. © DR

A rising star in the design industry

The personal brand of this rising star in the design industry is the featured collection at the Boon Gallery, a showroom located in Paris’ Marais district. The bold, highbrow, and minimalist pieces of this crafter of all things beautiful are based on his own experiences. Both functional and appealing, they mark the beginning of a new, glamorous take on retro-luxury design.

Nabil Issa O table
Modelled after the sign of infinity, the O table combines brass and marble. © DR

Moments of grace from an inspired artist

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