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The pared-down art of Le Berre-Vevaud

The pared-down art of Le Berre-Vevaud

Driven by the desire to create an exclusive design and architectural style, the Le Berre-Vevaud duo focuses on the purest form of their artistic vision.

The pared-down art of Le Berre-Vevaud


In terms of design, minimalism is still very much on trend. This style has been fully embraced by Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud, who founded their agency in 2008 to turn their inspirations into reality and meet the needs of both individuals and professionals when designing apartments, homes, and secondary houses as well as public spaces like offices and restaurants.

Simplicity as a creative driver

Within a minimalist setting, details become even more important, ensuring the decorative balance of a piece of furniture that is both incredibly simple and sophisticated. Despite their traditional appearance, these hand-made collections are fashioned by the most talented artisans around. Each piece is made up of lines and curves that never veer into excess and yet always manage to sparkle.

Modern styling and an innovative approach to materials

The two partners, who were trained in top schools and famous design firms, share the same streamlined aesthetic. Their textures play up the material aspect of contrasting elements, pitching smooth against rough, matte against shiny, lacquered against waxed finishes, and colour against monochromatic style. Each piece is easily recognizable for its timeless style and looks at home in both traditional and modern interiors. A true accomplishment done in the name of art!

The epitome of chic with zero pretence


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