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Pouenat, a skilled metalworker and furniture designer since 1880

Pouenat, a skilled metalworker and furniture designer since 1880

Offering a combination of skilled metalwork and high-end furniture design, Pouenat is a one-of-a-kind name in the luxury modern decorating industry.

Pouenat, a skilled metalworker and furniture designer since 1880

Pouenat is known for its expertise in working with metals such as steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper, and bronze and its ability to incorporate different materials, including glass, wood, ceramic, stone, plaster, and fabric. The interior design company is based out of Moulins in Allier. It uses its technical know-how to fill orders for some of the industry’s top brands.

Combining skilled metalwork with furniture design

The Plaza-Athénée, Meurice, and Thoumieux hotels; the Parisian stores of both Balmain and Dior; and the Palace of Versailles have all turned to the company for help with decorating or renovation projects. Working with architects and designers, who identify current trends, Pouenat creates each of its pieces based on sketches and 3D technical drawings before moving on to the manufacturing phase.

Pouenat showroom
In the Pouenat showroom in Paris, metal holds pride of place. © DR
Pouenat gallery
The hallmark of the brand is its ability to blend several materials in the same piece of furniture. © DR

Inspiring collections

Part interior decorating guide and part art gallery brochure, the brand’s catalogue of furniture and lighting solutions features refined and sophisticated interiors and unlimited opportunities for self-expression. Each page is packed with collections and interior decorating elements that feature discreet luxury. An insider’s world where excellence is a given. Everything you like in one place…

Pouenat living room
If you enjoy statement pieces, you’re sure to find your next favourite among Pouenat’s collections. © DR

Artistic metalwork in a decorating wrapping