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Robbie Llewellyn signs The London Collection for Decca Interior Furnishings

 Robbie Llewellyn signs The London Collection for Decca Interior Furnishings

A manufacturer of furniture dedicated to residences, showrooms and deluxe hotels, Decca Home has called on Robbie Llewellyn to sign The London Collection.

Founded in 1973, Decca Home quickly became an important actor in the universe of timeless interior furnishings. Comprising a family of brands featuring a wide arrray of hand-made styles, focusing on design, the company has teamed up with British Robbie Llewellyn to produce furniture pieces epitomizing timeless luxury, conceived for handsome homes.

Decca Home, partner of Robbie Liewellyn

Using the best materials and techniques available on the market, The London Collection is the most recent newborn in the family. Its 18 pieces of funiture echo the industrial era and modern conceptions during the middle of the previous century, thanks to a combination of padded seats and products available in two wooden finishings: Camden Rosewood and Peckham Dark Ash.

Decca Home Wing armchair
With their timeless design, City armchairs adapt to a wide array of interiors. © DR
Decca Home Hoxton bar and Lotts bookshelf
Sober, yet refined, the Hoxton bar and Lotts bookcase renew a style dear to all those who enjoy orginal furniture. © DR

A 50s-60s inspiration

In terms of finishings, each piece with a streamlined design, inspired from the 50s-60 style, includes rosewood, ashwood, Italian and Indian marbles, as well as stainless steel for harmonious assembling. Made-to-measure and personalization are also part of the product specifications at Decca Home that continues to stand out with a collection that is going to be highly emulated…

Decca Home ambiances
In an antechamber, a dining room or a living room, the elements of The London Collection are quite noticeable. © DR

When vintage is highlighted by color…