Interior Design
Rouge Absolu, the gem furniture of designer Géraldine Prieur

Designer of the gem furniture brand Rouge Absolu, Géraldine Prieur produces extravagant and impertinent exclusive collections.

No longer seek out Zen or austere furniture pieces in the collections of Rouge Absolu! Without giving in to kitsch, baroque or rococo styles, luxury highlights impertinence in keeping with the spirit of Géraldine Prieur. Encouraged by orders from all over the world, her Parisian studio of architecture cultivates anticonformism and blows a wind of daring audacity on her universe.

Géraldine Prieur, the designer of Rouge Absolu gem furniture

By refusing to be conventional, she is counter-current with a uniform and smooth era, which features scenographies, seeking out harmony, whose sensual contours appeal to an exacting clientele. The one who adopted the formula "Unconventional Full Colours" for her high-end international hotel or residential projects, claims elegance as her signature.

Rouge Absolu yellow dining room
White, yellow, steel, classic, contemporary, Géraldine has the art and the way of imagining coherent and spectacular ensembles. © DR
Rouge Absolu powdery pink living room
Powdery pink, this living room pays homage to the glamour spirit of Haute Couture. © DR

Customized daily objects

It's in her Left Bank gallery that the designer reveals her style best—by customizing daily objects into a work of art. Thus, she expresses her visionary sense and a radical approach for her aesthetic choices that convey personnality and memory to a place. Collectors and architects, who know her work, are not mistaken—they are her biggest fans…

Rouge Absolu green bedroom
By wagering on the green overtones of this bedroom, located in a Haussmanian building, the stylist turns it into a precious setting. © DR

When eccentricity plays on the emotion of senses…