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Roy Halston opens the doors of his house, in Manhattan

In Manhattan, the house of designer Roy Halston opens its doors, unveiling a venue of legendary evenings attended by New York high society.

Famous on the other side of the Atlantic, former fashion designer Roy Halston was well-known for hosting the most beautiful parties on the Upper East Side, in New York. Acquired in 1974, his house was transformed into a rendezvous for memorable evenings where movie stars, leading artists and musicians were his frequent guests, such as Andy Warhol and Liza Minnelli.

In the house of Roy Halston, in Manhattan

Having become cult, the work of architect Paul Rudolph, spanning 700 m², with three living rooms, four bedrooms and a terrace of 148 m², is famous for its glass and steel facade. It then became the proper of Gunter Sachs, a German photographer and art collector who engraved portraits of his famous visitors, notably a painting representing Brigitte Bardot, his third wife.

Halston House living room
Mural fresco, designer table, panel of celebrity photos, no doubt this room had its hour of glory. © E&V
Halston House bedroom of Brigitte Bardot
This special nuptial bedroom pays hommage to Brigitte Bardot, who spent her wedding night here . © E&V

From Bauhaus to Pop Art

Showcasing the American taste of the 70s and 80s, the interior space reflects the modernist spirit, strongly influenced by the Bauhaus movement that cleverly uses natural light, in a Pop Art approach tinted with minimalism. Very coveted, this property has just been sold for 18 millions to a collector who wishes to stay anonymous…

Halston House chambre
In the master bedroom, the spotlight is on color. © E&V

Living inside a work of art, in New York

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