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Royal Stranger, the furniture pieces of color lovers

Royal Stranger, the furniture pieces of color lovers

An exclusive furniture brand, Royal Stranger appeals to color lovers who are determined to purchase unique pieces.

Royal Stranger, the furniture pieces of color lovers


The vintage spirit and color have a definite future when it comes to high-end furniture ! And at Royal Stranger, a Portuguese label that is emerging thanks to a very productive group of creative designers, there is a combination of the best technologies, art and craftsmanship to elaborate festive ideas in order to make products that are certified as being of very high quality, customized with passion and expertise.

For the love of colors

Girly and romantic, aesthetics are the mainstay of this house that has wagered on innovation. Combined with bright hues, creating an orginal visual effect, its range of daring and asymmetrical furniture offers an eccentric and elegant touch to a living room that is sure to capture our attention.

Royal Stranger Marshmallow sofa
Each furniture piece is worked on with virtuosity, based on a concern for sobriety and careful details. © DR
Royal Stranger,  Marshmallow chair and lamp
From the chair to the lamp, each element is essential for a successful thematic decoration. © DR

A new style to break the codes

Here is a good opportunity to explore a style that breaks the codes with these daily objets imposing a strong identity. Playful, chic and setting forth timeless purity, these models with fluid and contemporary lines will reinforce the personality of your home sweet home. Conceived with keen know-how, using noble materials, they will also convey a royal attitude to your decor…

Royal Stranger,  Marshmallow pouf and stools
Once you have adopted Royal Stranger, you will need to coordinate the color of your walls so they match with your new furniture. © DR

A certain idea of design, along with lots of color

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