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Sable Rouge by Exsud : a desert-coloured furniture range

Sable Rouge by Exsud : a desert-coloured furniture range

Sable Rouge, a new range of furniture from Exsud, is inspired by the ochre sands of Arizona’s Monument Valley Tribal Park.

Sable Rouge by Exsud : a desert-coloured furniture range


After creating their brand in 1999, Charlotte Esquenet and Anne-Julie Entremont have explored a wide range of fields in their design studio, including furniture, fashion, and interior architecture. Their elegant, modern, and innovative ranges feature pure and contemporary designer style and are constructed using ground-breaking manufacturing techniques.

Exsud borrows the colours of the desert

Inspired by the ochre sands of national parks in the United States, the materials, shapes, and curving lines of Exsud’s latest collection evoke Arizona’s Monument Valley. Chairs, coat stands, dressing tables, tables, wardrobes, and stools embody the latest vision of these two passionate, complementary, and inspiring women.

Exsud Condor dressing table and Mojave stool
The Condor dressing table and the Mojave stool go together perfectly. © DR
Exsud Apache table
The Apache table will add colour to your living room, unless you opt to keep it all to yourself next to your bed. © DR

Sable Rouge goes West

Featuring a combination of metal silhouettes, lacquered sheet metal, leather, linen, concrete, and sand, each bold and poetic element of the Sable Rouge collection evokes the West. This autumn, their sensual warmth will flood our interiors like the dawn’s rays sweeping across the desert. From hotels to high-end restaurants, these two designers will transform each room into a true living space.

Exsud Anasazi basket
Modelled after a cactus, the Anasazi can serve as a basket or as a place to hang your coats. © DR

A refreshing oasis in the world of furniture

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