Scarlet Splendour : the highlight of Milan Design Week

01 Aug 2018
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10 Jul 2019
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The wardrobes, couches, tables, chairs, and armchairs of Scarlet Splendour caused quite a stir at Milan Design Week.

Scarlet Splendour, sensation de la Milan Design Week
Displayed in a rich and calming environment, the Secrets collection features a harmonious blend of colours and fabrics. © DR


Every designer brand dreams of attending Milan Design Week. Once every year, the event, which hosts several trade fairs within a single venue, invites the world’s very best artists and architects to present the latest modern trends and innovative concepts in the furniture industry. For the very first time, the 2018 edition welcomed the luxury brand Scarlet Splendour.

Scarlet Splendour makes a splash at Milan Design Week

The company, which is famous for its eclectic and opulent furniture, lights, and accessories inspired by a wide range of cultures, was founded in the Indian city of Calcutta by Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia. The two entrepreneurs created the business with the simple idea of blending their passion for art and craftsmanship while cultivating a refined aesthetic through collections of objects.

Scarlet Splendour dressing tables The vintage Woman in Paris and Stella dressing tables are also collectible luxury items. © DR
Scarlet Splendour Orion chairs These comfortable Orion chairs are a masterful combination of Italian design and craftsmanship. © DR

Fairy tale design

The company has worked with artists from Artefatto Design Studio, Nika Zupanc, Matteo Cibic, Snow White, and Vanilla Noir to expand its cheery ranges of products. Featuring flowing, understated, and sometimes geometrical curves, these theatrical collections borrow a page from whimsical fairy tales to offer customers the true royal treatment. Scarlet Splendour provides a utilitarian take on luxury that defies the imagination.

Scarlet Splendour Snow White collection The cosy and exquisite Snow White collection will make all your dreams come true. © DR

Timeless collections with multi-faceted beauty

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