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The sculptural shimmering of blown glass by Gérald Vatrin

The sculptural shimmering of blown glass by Gérald Vatrin

Juggling with thousand and one blown glass reflections, Gérald Vatrin sculpts materials to which he gives surprising shapes.

The sculptural shimmering of blown glass by Gérald Vatrin


Born in Nancy, traditional landmark of glass art, Gérald Vatrin could only be seduced by its bewitching charm and launch his career. Having become an accomplished artist, he incarnates the new energy of French contemporary glass with works that are the result of a personal adventure. They reflect at the same time his training, his professional experience and sharing of cultures influenced by his far flung travels.

Sculptures in atypical glass

What makes him passionate about this craftsmanship trade is the blowing, an intense work moment when he is literally in fusion with the incandescent material. What also fascinates him is to start off with a supple material and to end with a solid, transparent and luminous piece, in a fanciful and resulting shape. Instants of grace that one only obtains during a symbiosis between creation and talent.

Gérald Valtrin spheric sculptures
These modules seem to have popped out of a science-fiction film. © DR
Gérald Valtrin sculpture Attraction
To make the Attraction sculpture the center of all attentions, place it in the middle of the living room. © DR

Objects dedicated to virtual travels

With as result troubling and fascinating beautiful objects. Like chiseled fruit or surprising planets, they reveal stunning glass microcosms comprising stone, leather or earth, sometimes engraved, sometimes textured or monolithic. Quite like windows opening onto landscapes, they invite us in a world of visual and tactile sensations.

Gérald Valtrin Glass Sculpture
In Paris, Maison Parisienne showcases all the collections of Gérald Vatrin. © DR

The incarnation of spirit and the artistic gesture

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