Sliding doors: a decorative statement in both offices and homes

19 Jan 2021
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Once designed solely to save space in both offices and homes, artistic sliding doors are now a decorative statement in and of themselves.

Portes coulissantes, le clin d'œil déco bureau/domicile
This understated room focuses attention on the sliding doors, which create a certain sense of mystery. © DR


Sliding doors, once simple and often clunky wooden panels set on rails, have now earned a new lease on life and are popping up in unexpected places thanks to the increasingly high-end materials used in their construction. Whether designed to slide open to one side or split in the middle, sliding doors are an instant space saver when transitioning from one room to another at home or in the office, all while providing much-needed privacy and discretion.

An endlessly customisable artistic canvas

Sliding doors come in all shapes and sizes and add character to living spaces by expressing a specific aesthetic vision and even personality. They offer artists and designers a fantastic opportunity to show off their talent. The perfect addition to kid’s rooms, master bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, sliding doors are also being added to coworking spaces.

<em>Modifier Article</em> Portes coulissantes, le clin d'œil déco bureau/domicile
If you have a passion for Pop Art, choose from a gorgeous range of comic strip designs. © DR
<em>Modifier Article</em> Portes coulissantes, le clin d'œil déco bureau/domicile
To move from your office to your living room and step into an entirely new ambiance, all you have to do is slide the door open. © DR

Turning interior remodelling into a lifestyle

Sliding doors improve a room’s acoustics and come in a wide range of styles, transforming a living area into a one-of-a-kind space. Made from glass, wood, plexiglass, stone, marble, or stretched canvas, these doors feature an endless variety of patterns, graphics, and messages. Available with or without a built-in handle, sliding doors offer an alternative to hinged styles, which are often cumbersome. Paint the surface whatever colour you fancy and transform an otherwise bland interior into an ultra-trendy home sweet home.

<em>Modifier Article</em> Portes coulissantes, le clin d'œil déco bureau/domicile
The Mondrian look of these doors pairs well with the jungle motif featured in these paintings. © DR

A new way to express your own personal style at home - - -

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