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The Smeg-Dolce&Gabbana, customized home appliances

The Smeg-Dolce&Gabbana, customized home appliances

The flagship for high-end house appliances and the fanciful haute couture house have teamed up to launch a customized series, already collector.

The Smeg-Dolce&Gabbana, customized home appliances

Between the two Italian companies, one specialized in house appliances since 1948, the other in haute couture, the arty and high-tech spirit was the winning ticket. Indeed, Smeg and Dolce&Gabbana have teamed up for a very special partnership. The combined talents of an appliances manufacturer, symbols of social status in the kitchen, as those of the fashion duo, transform domestic activity into moments of pleasure.

Dolce&Gabbana customize Smeg home appliances

Following the success of a special edition for the FAB28 icebox, transformed into a work of art and limited at 100 models, now all collectors, it was time to go into overdrive. The Made in Italy tradition of excellence has now been extended to the customization of toasters, coffee machines, water boilers, blenders, robots and juice extractors.

 Smeg-Dolce&Gabbana Edition boiler and coffee machine
Water boiler or Expresso machine, each object tells a story. © DR
Edition Smeg-Dolce&Gabbana juice extractor and blender
You must admit this fruit juice extractor and this blender will bring color to your kitchen… © DR

Made in Sicily domestic trophies

Meeting the exacting requirements of a modern habitat, the series « Sicily is my Love » combines different eras by featuring the symbols of this large Mediterannean island: lemons, chariot wheels, Medieval knights, battle scenes, floral motifs, images of Mount Etna and temple ruins. Don't hesitate to display them as trophies in your home sweet home…

Edition Smeg-Dolce&Gabbana toasting bread
Toasting bread with this model, labeled Dolce&Gabbana, will bring a touch of distinction to your breakfast. © DR

Haute couture makes its colorful entrance in the kitchen