Special-effect floors with Luxury Wood Flooring

24 Aug 2018
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11 Jul 2019
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Renowned for its prestigious, special-effect parquet floors, Luxury Wood Flooring is a favourite among the British aristocracy.

Luxury Wood Flooring, les parquets aux effets spéciaux
This flawless mosaic of walnut and maple panelling adds elegance to any reception room. © DR


This specialised company has a long tradition of manufacturing some of the market’s most luxurious floor treatments and often installs prestigious parquet floors in London’s palaces. Whether laying a traditional wood floor, a solid wood floor, a chevron pattern, or creating unique inlays, marquetry medallions, coats of arms, mosaics, or floral borders, Luxury Wood Flooring transforms floors into genuine works of art.

Stately parquet flooring

Luxury Wood Flooring goes beyond traditional styles like straight-patterned, chevron, and Versailles-patterned floors to turn simple woodworking into a new facet of elegant decor. By using materials like oak, walnut, maple, eucalyptus, pine, beech, teak, and mahogany, the company has turned its catalogue into an international point of reference.

Luxury Wood Flooring mosaic panels This parquet floor features a coffered pattern that creates depth and even a 3D effect when you walk across it. © DR
Luxury Wood Flooring parquet with floral borders Shown here in the form of branches and flower buds, this treatment can be used to depict any pattern. © DR

A catalogue of exceptional flooring options

Thumbing through the company’s catalogue will make you want to hire its creative, professional artisans to enhance a custom-made room or transform your home by personalising it to the extreme. Call today ; Luxury Wood Flooring is ready to take on any challenge to complete your special order.

Luxury Wood Flooring Metz-patterned maple parquet In this rustic country home, this Metz-patterned floor showcases the beauty of the maple. © DR
Luxury Wood Flooring marquetry parquet Custom marquetry work is the perfect way to coordinate with high-end furniture in a castle. © DR

Parquet flooring : the perfect complement to any beautiful room

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