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Steaven Richard: an artisanal ironworker in Paris

Steaven Richard: an artisanal ironworker in Paris

Rooted in both tradition and innovation, Atelier Steaven Richard produces artisanal metalwork in Paris.

Steaven Richard: an artisanal ironworker in Paris


Internationally recognised as one of the world’s top metalworkers, Steaven Richard specialises in creating original, custom-made pieces for use in the interior decorating industry. His signature involves a new kind of expertise called artistic rolling, a technique that consists of embossing texture onto sheets of brass, bronze, copper, and nickel silver and then adding engraved designs and patinas.

Steven Richard’s artistic headquarters in Paris

The work that comes out of his studio, whether in the form of monumental installations, single pieces, or limited-edition creations, all feature a decidedly modern style. The decorative metalworker collaborates with the sector’s leading figures, including Pierre Yovanovitch, Jean-Louis Deniot, Pierre-Yves Rochon, and Sybille de Margerie, as well as top luxury brands, such as Cartier, Kering, and Rémy Martin—not to mention Paris’ largest museums.

The evolution of luxury artisanal work

Just like for an accomplished artist or sculptor, Steaven Richard’s creativity has earned him the « Living Heritage Business » label, and his projects are continually redefining the limits of the craft. Chanel, the SBM in Monaco, and the Hotel de Crillon in Paris have all called on the artist, who uses modern techniques grounded in traditional savoir-faire, to create one-of-a-kind ornamental and architectural creations. Artistic experiences that offer an unlimited number of creative possibilities.

Optical illusions and metallic transformations

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