Interior Design
Studio Teresa Sapey, a London project in South Kensington

Known for her colorful style, decorator Teresa Sapey has merged together two London apartments in the South Kensignton district.

Close to the royal palaces, Hyde Park and the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington hides handsome buildings by Albert Court that are showcased by the Studio of Teresa Sapey. Here, the initial project is to redesign two joining apartments to create a high-end venue characterized by unicity, elegance and extreme attention to the slightest details.

South Kensington, design destination of the Teresa Sapey Studio

The overtones of each room, where lighting plays a fundamental role, have been carefully studied. High ceilings enable each piece of furniture to play a key role, and the contrast, between the colors of the black and white walls, differentiate the private residential space from the service wing.

Teresa Sapey dining room
In the dining room, nothing is displayed on the walls in order to focus the attention on the volume of the room and the round table. © DR
Teresa Sapey corridors
Black background for the hallway of the service zone and white for the residential space, here the distribution is simplified. © DR

 Victorian architecture and minimalist design

British fabrics, rounded shapes for the sofas, small touches of bright colors, soft colors and deluxe furniture establish a unique relation. The historical heritage of a past architectural style and the trendy design of today merge in a 19th century Victorian residence with as first ambition to create a new aesthetic, minimalistic and elegant lifestyle.

Teresa Sapey living room piano
Playing on contrasts, a traditional black piano is at the center of a room with a contemporary design. © DR
Teresa Sapey room
Bordering a courtyard with arcades extended by balconies, the room cultivates its Art Deco style . © DR

Design and customisation in an emotional mode.