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Stylised wall coverings by PaperMint, Elitis, and Nobilis

Stylised wall coverings by PaperMint, Elitis, and Nobilis

Stylised wall coverings are a far cry from your average boring and soulless white walls. These designs give personality to the walls and partitions in elegant interiors.

 Stylised wall coverings by PaperMint, Elitis, and Nobilis


Nobilis, the noble coverings

Since 1928, Nobilis, a top Parisian producer of home furnishing fabrics and wallpaper, has been synonymous with elegance. By focusing on good taste, the brand, which employs a number of experienced designers, has developed a reputation for its creativity, the beauty of its materials, and the variety of its new collection. Whether showcasing subtle, floral, animal-inspired, or graphic patterns, its products are never anything less than chic.

Nobilis Fresco wall covering
The Fresco wall covering collection encourages dreaming and adventure. © DR
Nobilis Marceau wall covering
The shades and the quality of the materials in the Marceau collection are a thing of beauty. © DR

PaperMint : textiles for the home

Discovered at the Maison&Objet trade fair, this wall design brand, founded by Alexandra and Jean-Marc Bruel, stands out for its original graphic designs. In addition to panoramic views, wallpapers, frescos, stickers, and posters, textiles are also used to create collections of customised fabrics that set off the walls of your living rooms and bedrooms to perfection.

PaperMint Ambiance Granite wall covering
In a modern interior, the Ambiance Granite wallpaper adds a touch of lightness. © DR
PaperMint Oasis wall covering
If you need to get away, opt for the landscapes featured in the Oasis theme. © DR

Elitis : turning decor on its head

Beginning in 1988, Elitis created collections that had nothing to do with the traditional decor industry. The brand’s techniques, materials, illustrations, and infinite sources of inspiration use linen, leather, mother-of-pearl, vinyl, coconut fibres, bamboo woven with metal thread, and plant-based fabrics. Plus, every design captures the spirit of the times by borrowing from trends in art and fashion.

Elitis Paint wall covering
To give an artistic feel to your room, opt for Paint. © DR
Elitis Lebleu wall covering
Bleu Thé is perfect for walls that can handle oversized decor. © DR
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