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Sybille de Margerie: design inspired by the cosmos

Sybille de Margerie: design inspired by the cosmos

This « Luxury Cocoon », a private bedroom-style dwelling and the latest project from designer Sybille de Margerie, is inspired by her vision of the cosmos.

Sybille de Margerie: design inspired by the cosmos


Lockdown has proved productive for Sybille de Margerie. Her latest creation is more of an independent project than something you would see in a luxury hotel. The designer’s agency, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, typically takes on large-scale projects. However, it seems to have found a new source of inspiration lately by pushing past its normal limits. This summer, the agency created a structure modelled after an egg and designed to act as a protective, enveloping home meant to be placed in the middle of nature.

A one-of-a-kind luxury bedroom

This renaissance has been inspired by the Chinese philosophy underpinning the yin and yang symbol. The designer’s policy of « living better » encompasses the concepts of life and the cosmos and strikes a balance between cloudy days and clear skies, light and dark, day and night, and the social world and private life in an effort to encourage hotel and individual owners to adopt the policy as an extension of an already existing establishment or a second home.

Awaken your senses with a touch of glamour

If you’re looking for a soothing space-time and a meaningful spiritual retreat, this refuge is an intimate getaway designed to serve as a bubble that has everything you could ever need. Its designer describes it as a product of a perpetual cycle that taps into the mysteries of a sensory-rich universe and a place for taking a break from the world, either on your own or as a couple, in a peaceful environment full of positive vibes. The perfect way to recharge your batteries this summer!

A nomadic and ultra-modern living space

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