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The textured wallpaper designs of Giardini Wallcoverings

The textured wallpaper designs of Giardini Wallcoverings

The creative impulse of its in-house designers has inspired Giardini Wallcoverings to launch wallpaper collections with textured, linear designs.

The textured wallpaper designs of Giardini Wallcoverings


When both interior architects and designers flock to a brand when completing their most high-end projects, success is inevitable. This is the case for this family-run company from Italy, which has suddenly found itself in the eye of the hurricane by positioning itself within the luxury product market. This summer, its exclusive collection of wall coverings made from natural fibres blends artistry with advanced technology.

Collections with added value

At a time when the fixtures and design of our homes have never played such a central role in how we live our lives, Giardini Wallcoverings injects a strong sense of identity into all its ranges. In doing so, the company has struck upon an effective way to enter this highly elitist segment and become a key player—all while avoiding imports so as to concentrate its expertise on a purely made-in-Italy manufacturing process.

Beautiful production materials

Whether they feature silk, satin, velvet, varnish, metal printing, lace embroidery, crocodile print, urban jungle style, or bas-relief, these rolls of ornamental wallpaper are based in a traditional design aesthetic, but produced with a modern approach. Their final finishes produce a dazzling effect with three-dimensional relief. Owners of high-end apartments have already scheduled their home renovations for the start of fall.

The next dimension of interior decorating

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